DIY Canvas Scroll | How to Stencil and Roll your Canvas

Included in your DIY kit: 

  • canvas measuring 10 x 16 inches
  • stencil design (Farm Fresh Flower Market seen in the image)
  • 1 inch brush
  • black acrylic paint
  • 8 magnets to scroll
  • jute to hang

How to Stencil and Paint Canvas?  

Follow this video tutorial.




Step 1:  Unroll canvas

Step 2: Prep your stencil by rubbing the top lightly to assure all the centres of the letters are secured to the top transfer paper

Step 3:  Peel off grid side of the stencil.  Apply to centre of the canvas

Step 4:  Rub stencil into place.

Step 5:  Slowly remove top transfer paper leaving black vinyl stencil adhered to the canvas fabric.  Take your time to assure all stencil stays in place.

Step 6:  Use transfer tape to cover surrounding canvas around stencil for paint application.

Step 7: Paint your stencil. 

TIP:  don't overload the brush with paint to achieve crisp clean lines.  Too much paint can lead to paint bleed under the stencil onto the canvas fabric.  More thin coats is better than one heavy coat of paint.

Step 8: Let dry completely.

Step 9: Remove vinyl stencil.  One time use only. Discard stencil.  Remove all centres of letters. 

Step 10:  Ready to hang.

How to Roll your Canvas Scroll for Hanging

Please read the instructions below to hang your canvas scroll.