DIY Summer Decor | Summer DIY Crafts

DIY Summer Decor | Summer DIY Crafts

DIY SUMMER DECOR | Summer DIY Crafts for Adults

Watermelon, lemonade, honey bees, beach days and sunflowers.  All things summer to DIY your own Home Decor DIY Craft Projects to decorate the home.  

Hello Summer - Watermelon wood blanks to paint ombre with the perfect pink, red and white to capture the juicy bite into a watermelon on a hot summer day.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy - Lemon DIY Crafts for summer.  This free standing frame is easy to decorate on a shelf or countertop for easy summer decorating.

Summer Beach Days have us saying " Life is better at the beach".  Feet in the sand with the starfish, crabs and seahorses.  This beautiful beach colour palette is fun to DIY any combination.

This DIY Outdoor lanterns capture the illuminescensce of the evening light with this wooden lantern for your patio, deck or front door as you reminisce with family and friends creating summer memories.   Paint or stain the colour of your choice. 

An easy way to decorate for summer by replacing your front door wreath with this boxwood wreath and interchangeable sign for all of the seasons.  This is our happy place.  

Birdhouses attract the sounds of summer.  Wether you decorate for decor purposes only on add bird food to attract bird to your backyard this summer.  How will you decorate this DIY project for summer? 

Honey Bee Farm inspired summer sunflowers and decor in yellow, white and black.  Don't Worry bee happy!  Welcome to our Hive.  

 Hello Summer, we can't wait to inspire you to paint your own home decor for summer.  Sunflowers bring that element of fun and floral to your home.  

DIY kits with all the supplies you need to paint and decorate with success.  All our DIY kits are made in Canada and ship to Canada and the United States (USA).

Happy Creating this summer with DIY crafts to bring a smile and create memories.





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