DIY String Art Pattern Printable

DIY String Art Pattern Printable

Have you ever tried String Art?

Widely popular as a decorative craft in the 1970’s, string art is actually rooted in the late 1800’s, where it was first used as a tool for teaching children algebra. Imagine that – a math gizmo! History shows that using nails and thread was a perfect means for demonstrating how to design a curve from a straight line, using four points (this became known as the ‘Bezier Curve’).

Since then, this innovative visual art form has evolved into a creative DIY pastime for young and old alike. While there are inspiring artists who have taken string art to ingenuous levels with complex designs, it is really very accessible to all of us. We, too, can make beautiful string art creations - with just a little direction!

Turning a plank of wood into a piece of art – with thread!

Homeworks Etc has a fun beginners String Art DIY project just for you! We’re sharing 1 fun heart pattern –right on time for Valentine’s Day! – as a great opportunity for you and your kids to try this creative craft at home.

You’ll use embroidery thread to follow the pattern and bring the design to life. The thread will criss-cross and wrap around the nails to fill in the blank space, resulting in a seemingly complex creation. Its detailed nature may lead one to believe that string art is exclusive to experienced artists with extensive knowledge. This is not the case. We’ve made it so that everyone can make their own string art creation!

You will need just a few simple tools and materials:

  • Pine wood (5.5 x 5.5 inches)
  • Finishing nails
  • Hammer
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Embroidery thread (multiple colours)
  • Tape

Are you ready to create your string art masterpiece?
Here are the steps to follow (children 5-9 will need assistance):

1. Print template and cut out shape of choice

2. Cut wood to size.

3. Paint sides and top of the wood piece.

4. Roll tape and secure to back of the cut-out paper.

5. Tape to wood in centre.

6. Hammer finishing nails on the outside perimeter of the shape (not on the paper)

7. Remove the paper.

8. Tie a double knot at the bottom point of your shape.

9. Go around each nail with the string to create an outline of your design.

10. Criss-cross, go on diagonal, go vertical within your shape until your design is filled with your string.
TIP: hold the string around the previous nail wrapped so that it stays secure as you move on to the next nail to keep in place to prevent unravelling.

11. When you are complete, tie a double knot to tie off and cut any remaining string.

Enjoy your project!

DIY String Art Pattern Printable - Homeworks Etc.

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