Creating Pumpkins That Will Last A Lifetime

Creating Pumpkins That Will Last A Lifetime

Creating Pumpkins That Will Last A Lifetime - Homeworks Etc.

DIY your pumpkins this year. This easy simple yet beautiful pumpkin display will last you a lifetime of memories.

Start your prep work by gathering all your supplies and tools.
What you will need:


  • Wood 4x4's (cut 4", 5.5" and 6.5")
  • 1 inch round dowels (cut 2")
  • Fusion Mineral Paint - Tuscan Orange
  • Saman Wood Stain - Colonial
  • 1 inch paint brush
  • Foam Brush
  • Wood Glue
  • Mechanical Wire
  • Tule - black and white
  • Burlap
  • Jute and/or ribbon


  • 1 inch Forstner Drill Bit
  • Sandpaper
  • Mouse Sander
  • Miter Saw

Let's get started:

1. Cut wood to size (4 inch, 5.5 inch and 6.5 inch) with miter saw.
2. Cut dowel 2 inches with miter saw.
3. Drill hole in the center of the top of the block of wood with your drill bit.
3. Sand all your edges with Black and Decker Mouse Sander to ensure wood is smooth without slivers.


1.  Paint wood block Tuscan Orange with Acrylic Brush
2.  Stain dowel (we love Colonial Stain Colour) 
3.  Let stain dry and put a dab of glue in the hole (careful not to add too much).
4.  Decorate your stem with ribbon, jute, wire (I twisted wire around a pencil first to add a curly charm).

Voila! A pumpkin to last a lifetime! Such a cute rustic charm for the mantel or front door entrance.  

I love to do this project with kids. Something that they can complete confidently on their own and you can have fun making it too!

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