Our Story

Our Story

I grew up with a Project Mom.  A mom that always encouraged me to be creative, use my imagination, draw, paint, and play. We come from a long line of makers: seamstresses, bakers, and painters.  I remember my Mom always valuing handmade.  It’s these values of home, giving and creativity, that she instilled in us as kids.  


I love taking on a good DIY project and love working with power tools.  As a Mom of two girls, I didn’t realize the impact of handmade until I found that my hobby of working with wood and paint, fostered the start of my business in 2007.  I specialized in making nursery decor for kids rooms.  The pieces I made were keepsakes, that my kids still have in their bedrooms today.  I realized that it wasn’t the mass producing that I enjoyed it was the creative outlet I enjoyed and the knowing that these items where going to be cherished in homes like yours. 

I believe that home is a special space, a place to be ourselves, a place to surround ourselves with the things we love and make us feel good.   It’s that stuff that makes us feel at home:  yes, family and friends are the most important part of home, but it’s the stuff we showcase on our walls, the stuff that we are proud of - the photos of our special moments, the memories that we hold in our homes that are important too.  

As I cozy with my Mom’s quilts that she made for our wedding and for our house warming gift, I remember that it’s these feelings of comfort that all came from crafting.  I know we live is a world of technology now, and you don’t really buy craft books anymore, but we see a ton of projects on Pinterest or social media that we would love to learn to make, but it’s assumed that you should know how to DIY and that you have the time to learn how. 

Who you are?

You are so busy trying to balance life, that the importance of taking time out for ourselves, to create again, like we did so purposefully as kids, has dissipated.  In the midst of trying to balance work, life and kids, you eagerly want to connect with friends, and get an escape from the day to day.  Although you may not think you are creative anymore or you don’t put that high on the priority list, but you value home and like it to look nice.  DIY stands for Do It Yourself,  but what I’ve recently learned is that you don’t have to Do It Yourself,  it’s ok to "Do It" - with the help of others.  Life is a crazy place, and I can’t image doing it all alone.  

If you value home, want to connect more with family and friends, creating memories and are looking for opportunities to learn and try something new, something away from the day to day grind. Let’s create something beautiful for your home  - together. 

Homeworks Etc Workshops, makes it easy and stress free to DIY.  You simply need to book a date and choose a project with your friends, and let me do the rest of the organizing. This is a time for you to create - to sit back, relax, socialize and have fun!  I guarantee you will walk away saying:  Look what I made.  Words you usually only hear from children.  There is nothing more I want than to give you a happy DIY experience from our shop to your home - tackling one DIY at a time - together.

Today isn't just an ordinary day, Today you will create something beautiful!  



Jacqueline, owner of Homeworks Etc. Designs Inc.
Jacqueline De'Ath
owner, Homeworks Etc