DIY Accessories

Homeworks Etc designs wood cutouts and stencils to help you create your home decor with ease with its' low tack adhesive to paint your design successfully and easy removable qualities that keeps paint from bleeding to keep paint lines crisp and clean. This one time use decal stencil comes is a variety of designs.

Jacqueline De'Ath has been painting in her business for 10 years. She ran her own nursery and kids décor business, Homeworks Etc Kids, starting from a basement  into her DIY shop location. Once she tapped into others interest to DIY, everything changed.  She now teaches workshops to teach you the "how to" in shop.  You don't have to DIY alone.  Let us do the organizing and clean for you and your friends.  A wonderful outlet to create, socialize and step out of the day to day regime to relax and learn to DIY in our beautiful space.

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