Thanksgiving Home Decor

Thanksgiving Home Decor

Thanksgiving Home Decor | Table Scape Decorating DIY Style

DIY Kits for Gathering with Family and Friends.

Decorating for the seasons is a must, especially since this year we can gather for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Some ideas for decorating are this shelf styling in the kitchen.  Our vintage kitchen scale highlights our DIY Book Bundle kit 'Let's stay home'.  


Thanksgiving Tiere Tray Shelf Styling

We showcase our Thanksgiving Tiered tray on the Farmhouse Rise (set of 3) to DIY either brown or black.  We chose brown.  Adding the pine cone wreath adds some foliage to bring the outdoors in.  To save on this kit you can subscribe to our Deluxe DIY Box which includes the tiered tray, bead kit, soy candle and pine cone wreath.  All the extras are included to create this look at home.

You can also add on our mini display ladder with eucalyptus wreath which are all available at

Round Chopping Board Display with Book Bundle DIY kit

Another example of our DIY book bundle "Collect beautiful moments"  with round chopping board and Prayer Bead with concrete heart on display.

gather tiered tray table scape

You can also split up your tiered tray DIY kit to use on your table centerpiece.

Pine Cone Wreath Chair Styling

Pine Cone wreath also a fun accent for the back of the table chairs.

DIY Club kit Hello Autumn Wood Sign

Mixing our DIY Tiered Tray Subscription and our DIY Club Subscription Box to compliment each other with style and colour scheme.  Display on a mantle, shelf or table.  How are you going to decorate with your Thanksgiving DIY kits?

      Thanksgiving Decor Ideas


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