Fusion Mineral Paint - Paint it beautiful

Fusion Mineral Paint - Paint it beautiful

Fusion Mineral Paint - Paint it beautiful

A professional paint for the everyday DIY’er.” fusionmineralpaint.com

Homeworks Etc believes that you deserve the best when it comes to DIY home décor products. Fusion Mineral Paint offers an acrylic, water-based paint (not chalk-like) that delivers an exceptional matte finish with a built-in top coat and is the perfect choice for the DIY projects offered at Homeworks Etc and the many décor projects you have waiting at home.

Not only is Fusion Mineral Paint a high-quality product available in practical sizes and a fantastic array of colours, but it also has a low environmental impact – specifically, this paint has zero VOCs! It is non-toxic, odourless, has no ammonia or formaldehyde, and won’t separate or harden for 7 years. And the bottom line is sweet, too – prices are fair-market reasonable.

Paint it beautiful.

Fusion is truly one-of-a-kind. The unique ‘family recipe’ has been cultivated from the bottom-up – there is no duplication on the market that compares! A unique formulation allows it to adhere to almost any surface, from wood to metal to glass – even to lacquered surfaces. Once cured, this paint is highly durable, washable, water- and stain-resistant, and has an almost zero reflectance value (most desirable for the smoothest of finishes). You can also easily work with FusionTM for distressing, another beautiful technique to complete a treasured home décor project. 

It’s a colour sensation!

Homeworks Etc. is delighted to stock, sell, and use FusionTM paints in our DIY workshops. The colours are stunning – there is a magnificent collection of over 50 hues!

These little pots of inspiration offer the full spectrum of colour, from calming neutrals to rich, deep hues. There’s the Classic Collection (Tuscan Orange, anyone?), the iridescent shimmer of Metallics (a little Champagne, perhaps?), and the favourite fairy tales-inspired Tones for Tots (who wouldn’t love a colour dubbed Little Teapot?). A custom designer palette, Penney & Co Collection, boasts sumptuous shades like Lily Pond and Park Bench.

Are you ready to dip your brush into a pot of mineral inspiration? Order a DIY Project Today!

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