Embracing the Danish Way to Live Well – Through Hygge

Embracing the Danish Way to Live Well – Through Hygge

Embracing the Danish Way to Live Well – Through Hygge

“Hygge is about the now, and how to enjoy it and make the best of it.” Meike Wiking, The Little Book of Hygge

Have you heard about hygge? (pronounced ‘hoogah’)

Perhaps you’ve already savoured the sweet little read by Meike Wiking about this soul-satisfying characteristic of Danish living. Or perhaps you’re a little late to the library – the book was published in 2016 – but sometimes, the book comes to you. At the right time.

Like now.

The art of cozy

What do atmosphere, togetherness, comfort food, hot drinks, wine, woolen socks, blankets, fireplaces and soft lighting have in common?

They can all be components of the experience of hygge – which is a feeling of intimacy, coziness, and pleasure. Hygge has been described as ‘cocoa by candlelight.’ Don’t you love that?! Hygge moments aren’t fancy or expensive, but rather, humble and slow. Hygge can be nestling on the sofa in your pyjamas, watching movies with a loved on a snowy afternoon. It can be playing board games with the aroma of Sunday dinner wafting in through the kitchen door. It’s a glass of wine by a crackling fire, or a cuddle with your dog while reading a favourite book.

Embracing the Danish Way to Live Well – Through Hygge - Paper & Parties

The most important ingredient to happiness

Wiking, who is a bona fide happiness researcher, states that “there is broad agreement among happiness researchers and scientists that social relations are essential for people’s happiness.”

And when togetherness is part of hygge, there’s never any competition. There’s no room for braggarts or one-uppers. Hygge gives space for gentle conversation, good laughs, and liking one another just as we are. There’s no need to impress. Forget the up-do and make-up – it’s big sweaters and leggings and chunky socks.

The physiology of hygge

And there’s science here, too! Our amazing bodies release the neurohormone oxytocin when we are in soothing hygge moments. Oxytocin makes us happy and reduces stress, fear and pain. 

DIY-ing to make your home more hygellig

The hygge wish-list includes creating a hyggekrog in your home – a comfy space, or nook, where you can sit and relax after a long day. Think about the things you can create to make this space special – inviting pillows, gorgeous candle pillars, and a rustic tray to hold a steaming tea pot and mugs. How about a blanket ladder in the corner to hold your favourite throws? Did you know that things made out of wood are on the hygge wish-list? Paint a few wood signs with peaceful words to soothe your soul.

The simple act of DIY-ing is considered a hyggelig activity! Shop DIY projects to create for your home!

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